Sunday, November 22, 2009

Glutathione, MaxGXL and Aging

As your Nashville source for MaxGXL I have written before about the product and how it is a natural solution to the problem faced by medical researchers for the last thirty years and that is how can we supplement the body’s dwindling supply of natural intracellular glutathione. Modern medical research has shown that individuals who have low levels of glutathione are susceptible to chronic illness. Take a minute and Google any illness or syndrome and you will find out that most, if not all, have as a marker, low levels of glutathione and increased inflammation. It is apparent from the research conducted by those studying the aging process that glutathione and aging are related.

Decreased levels of glutathione can be brought about by continual stress upon the immune system. As we now know, a lowered immune system can bring about illness and disease. This is a ferocious cycle. While you need glutathione for a productive immune system, a weakened immune system hampers the production of glutathione.

Glutathione depletion may also play a significant role in aging, at least in part through its role as a major protector of mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA). Maintenance of normal MtDNA directly correlates with maximum life span, which has been estimated at 122 years in humans.1 During ATP production in the mitochondria, superoxide free radicals are produced which are converted to hydroxyl and peroxide free radicals. GSH neutralizes hydroxyl free radicals and is an essential component of GSH peroxidase,

which neutralizes peroxide free radicals. These free radicals generated within the mitochondria have the potential to damage MtDNA. At age 90 only 5% of normal MtDNA remains when compared to the normal MtDNA level of a 5 year old. GSH levels decrease with age (1% per year) which may account for at least some of the cumulative MtDNA damage.

Promoting high levels of reduced mitochondrial glutathione may counter some of the effects of aging. It has been found that centenarians demonstrate GSH levels similar to 30-50 year old well normals, suggesting that their atypical GSH levels have been pivotal in preserving their health. In support of this notion, it has been found that caloric restriction, which prolongs life, increases both the aging–associated deacetylase Sirtuin1 and GSH levels. Glutathione plays a significant role in aging. Raising intracellular glutathione levels may reduce the metabolic signs of aging and protect mitochondrial function.

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