Tuesday, November 10, 2009

MaxGXL - A Great Product - A Great Business Opportunity

As your Nashville source for MaxGXL, an incredible nutritional supplement that accelerates your body's production of natural intracellular glutathione, I have blogged regularly about this wonderful product and how important it is for our well being. Today, I’d like to introduce you to the the company that I and thousands of other independent distributors work with. Max International is unlike any other network marketing company. Our goal is to be an "A Company," one that's known for its integrity and honesty as much as for the success it offers. Above all, Max is a values-driven company; the Max Code guides every decision and initiative our management team makes. With more than two years of foundational growth, Max has cultivated a solid customer base and is just beginning to capture the next wave of adopters, both in North America and in international markets. What if you could have Founders, Executives, Athletes and Doctors come into your home every month and talk for you? Talk about duplication! Imagine if you could have the founders of Max International in your home for a weekly business opportunity meeting. Imagine now if they were accompanied by the Max Executives, world class athletes taking MaxGXL, and doctors and medical researchers for MaxGXL. Well that is EXACTLY what is going to happen. A opportunity meeting with Max Co-founders, Executives, doctors, and top Associates - all in your own home, with new episodes each month. That's what MaxGXL TV is, and it will be broadcast on DIRECTV on Monday evenings on channel 318: Every episode, which will also be available online, will feature the following: Founders Briefing - A segment where founders of Max International will talk about the company, the products and the direction/vision of Max International. Athletes Corner - A segment featuring testimonials from World Class Athletes and coaches on MaxGXL. The Doctor is in - A segment with presentations from our Max medical doctors and research scientists. Associate Spotlight - A segment spotlighting various Associates and their efforts. Associate Recognition - A segment recognizes various Associates for their efforts and rank advancements. If you are tired of being trapped in a cubicle and are looking for an opportunity to go into business for yourself, you owe it to your family to check out Max International. It's easy and inexpensive to get started and the rewards are well worth the effort. If you want to take a look go to www.maxgxlnashville.com and go through the product section and then the company and then the remarkable business opportunity. If you need more information or you want to try the product contact Patrick O'Rourke or Sheila Warren at 615-876-7421.

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