Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Max Weight Loss Accelerator System - MaxWLX

As your Nashville source for Max International’s flagship product MaxGXL, I’m pleased to tell you about a new product that targets obesity and it’s negative impact on health. Our new product the Max Weight Loss Accelerator System, known as MaxWLX goes straight to the problem by restoring the body’s sensitivity to Leptin. Research shows that Leptin, a naturally occurring hormone is manufactured by every fat cell in the body. In the natural way of things, Leptin is the hormone that sends the “ I’m full” message to the brain, and it regulates fat by sending a message to the brain to either burn fat or to store it.

In a commitment to participate and focus on healthy, long-term weight loss, the company has teamed up with Ron Rosedale, M.D. in creating this weight lose system. Dr. Rosedale is a world-renown expert in nutritional and metabolic medicine and a specialist in the biology of aging. Without the right balance of Leptin, Dr. Rosedale says, weight gain can get out of control. By restoring Leptin sensitivity, the body can revitalize it’s ability to consume less food and burn fat. The Max Weight Loss Accelerator System is designed to optimize Leptin sensitivity, resulting in effective, long-term weight loss and vitality.

The Max Weight Loss Accelerator System allows the body to perform it’s own miracle of burning stored body fat and regulating appetite and eating cycles. Restoration of Leptin sensitivity within two or three weeks, at which time the fat begins to melt away. This system is the key to not only burning unwanted body fat, but to keep it off as well.

My wife and I are here to tell you that this product works. We have tried all sorts of diets and gimics to lose weight and they all worked - for a while and they stopped. Both of us have been taking MaxWLX since July and she has lost 29 lbs and I have dropped 23 lbs during that period. But don't take my word for it, go to www.maxgxlnashville.com and click on products and read about Leptin and how WLX works. I would also check into Dr. Rosedale by Googling "Ron Rosedale M.D. and learn about this highly respected medical researcher. If you have any questions or if you would like to try this wonderful product you can call Sheila or I at 615-876-7421. You can go directly to our web page and order it your self.

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