Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A New Life With Glutathione Through MAX GXL

In March 2009, I was introduced to a groundbreaking nutritional supplement by an old friend Dr. Cheryl Townsley, N.D. a noted Naturopath. The product she introduced me to has been shown in clinical trials to raise the body's Glutathione levels by over 290% in 60 days. The product was granted a US content of matter patent. I thought you might like to know about the product.

As you may or may not know, Glutathione is an important natural component found in each cell and works in direct proportion to ATP (energy). It's been known for decades that if you can increase your Glutathione levels your body will increase ATP (energy) proportionally- but previous attempts to achieve that goal have not been successful, that is until now. This new product, MAX GXL, the creation of renowned medical researcher Robert Keller, MD, is able to bring about this increase in ATP by simply taking a couple of capsules every day.

As a lawyer for over 30-years and someone who cared about his health and conducted serious study into the many products on the market, I've become very skeptical of most "miracle products"- but this one has proven to me to be more effective than what Dr. Townsley told me. The science is transparent and the results are undeniable. Everything they promised has come true in mine and Sheila's life.

My wife is a professional Chef and cooks for a number of families as a personal chef. She is on her feet for extended periods of time and over the years had developed back and hip pain. Within 2-weeks of starting the MAX GXL her aches and pains were gone. As she continues her MAX regime she has more energy, is pain free, and sleeps more soundly then ever before.

Another friend, an old "Rock N Roller", tells me that MAX has changed his life. Touring can be grueling and the traveling can really sap your energy. He called me the other day to tell me about his recent physical, especially his liver scan. When his physician saw the scan she thought the lab had sent the wrong test results. After years of having some suspicious enzymes she was thrilled to report a normal and much improved test result. She is now taking MAXGXL and prescribing it to her patients.

On a personal note, a lifetime of aches and pains and old wounds have totally disappeared. Four days after I started taking the MAX GXL I cut, loaded, unloaded, split, loaded and stacked a cord of firewood and the next day I was amazed that I had no pain or stiffness. I sleep through the night and I'm here to tell you that it pays great dividends in terms of alertness, mental function and energy the following day.

As I mentioned earlier, the product was created by Robert Keller, M.D. a triple Board Certified medical doctor and renowned medical researcher. (Immunology, Hematology and Internal Medicine) I thought this information is going to interest you and anyone you know who is fighting pain, inflammation or fatigue of any kind. We’re getting some amazing results from folks here in just a week or so on the product.

If you are interested in learning more about this wonderful product you can call Sheila Warren or Patrick O’Rourke, Nashville MAX GXL Independent Distributors at 615-876-7421, or visit our website at www.maxgxlnashville.com where you can place a wholesale order and learn more about the products, Dr. Keller and especially about the incredible MAX business opportunity available to you.


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