Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What is Leptin and Why is it Important?

Leptin is a naturally occurring hormone that is secreted by fat cells. Its primary function is to regulate appetite and metabolism. Leptin is your best friend as long as its level is kept low and stable. If Leptin levels become chronically too high, the body becomes "Leptin resistant."

Resistance to Leptin is the major cause of storing unwanted body fat, and experiencing insatiable craving patterns.

Scientists thought they could just give Leptin to overweight people and magically they would lose weight. But it doesn't work that way. Overweight people have TOO MUCH Leptin which clamors so 'loudly' in sending these important messages that the body quits listening. This is called "Leptin resistance." Imagine always being hungry and always storing fat, never burning it. That is what Leptin resistance causes.

Max WLX™

Max WLX™ is designed to work with your body rather than at the expense of your body, retraining the Leptin signals. It will help retrain your body to burn stored fat and regulate hunger sensations. Max International believes the benefits of weight loss should be enjoyed for the rest of your life.

To be sure that Max WLX™ is the finest product available, Max International partnered with Ron Rosedale, MD who is the most sought-after authority on the function of leptin and weight loss. Dr. Rosedale has never endorsed a third party before, but was pleased at Max International's commitment to quality.

In summary, Max WLX™ is an industry-first program designed to work naturally with your body for long term, healthy weight loss

Achieve your weight loss goals with Max WLX™. There are no stimulants or harmful ingredients. This is weight loss that is safe and effective!

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