Friday, October 16, 2009

Nashvillians-Learn More About MaxGXL

As your Nashville source for the incredible, all natural supplement MaxGXL, I can't wait to share the information about this product that has changed my life and the lives of many Nashvillians.

Glutathione has been clinically proven to affect your body in the following ways, (supported by over 85,000 research articles on , a service of The National Library of Medicine and The National Institute of Health):

a. Increases Energy

b. Increases deep REM Sleep

c. Decreases Inflammation – the cause of most pain and illness

d. Detoxifies the body of heavy metals & all known free radicals

e. Glutathione is the body's master natural antioxidant

f. Stops every known free radical at a molecule ratio of 1 to 100,000+ over 100,000 molecules neutralized by one GSH molecule other antioxidants ratios are less than 1 to 10

g. Improves Heart and Lung function

h. Detoxifies and improves Liver and Kidney function

i. Strengthens the Immune System

j. Slows down the Aging process

k. Permits increased Exercise and faster recovery from strenuous workouts

l. Improves Concentration and mental clarity

If you want to find out more about this scientifically proven and patented product, and you owe it to yourself to at least check it out, go to and check it out. If you have more question call Pat or Sheila at 615-876-7421. If you want to try the product you can purchase it wholesale at the same web address. LOOK - FEEL - LIVE life to the Max!

Check out the information below and listen in on a conference call Saturday morning and get a feel for the great people and a great company, as well as a great home based business opportunity.

This Week’s Guests: Dr. John Kindle and Mike Lebrun, Double Diamond Associate

When: Saturday, Oct. 17, 10:00 a.m. MDT

To participate: Dial 712-432-9605 and use the PIN 52117 #.

More about this week’s participants

Dr. Kindle has completed 35 years of family practice in Ottawa, Canada. In the 1990’s he was the chief of Palliative Care for over 5 years at the Riverside Hospital in Ottawa where he was first introduced to alternative treatments by his patients. Dr. Kindle will discuss why nutrition is so important to a healthy lifestyle and will explain why he recommends MaxGXL® to his patients. He will be interviewed by Bob Kaelin, Vice President of Marketing.

Mike Lebrun will discuss how to get the most out of every Max event.

The call is hosted by Eric Rondeau.

Upcoming Meetings

"Maximizing What Matters Most" Seminars

Oct. 24: Phoenix, Arizona (details in sidebar)

Dec. 19: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

NOTE: The Dallas seminar has been postponed.

Seattle Super Saturday

Oct. 17, Bellevue

Sheraton Hotel Conference Center

100 112th Avenue NE

9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Host: John Fox

Speakers: Dr. Daria Davidson, Ken Dunn, Craig Melton

Cost: $10 Single/$15 Couple; Guests Free

Philippines Showcase

Nov. 6-7, Pasay City

SMX Convention Center

Road to Diamond

Nov. 12-14, Utah

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