Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What is Glutathione Anyway?

Simply put, glutathione (GSH) is the body's master antioxidant.

It is a small protein produced naturally in our cells when certain required elements are present. It functions both as an antioxidant and an antitoxin and is a major defense system against illness and aging. Our glutathione level actually indicates our state of health and can predict longevity. There are more than 60,000 published papers on the beneficial effects of glutathione. In the near future the importance of glutathione will be widely recognized because it has the ability to boost the immune system and fight off the damage of free radicals on the cells. Various daily activities can reduce your glutathione such as stress, exercise, infection, injury and environmental toxins. Your glutathione, or in other words, your body's natural defense against aging and cellular damage decreases by about 10% to 15% every decade!

Modern research has shown that individuals who have low levels of glutathione are susceptible to chronic illness. Decreased levels of glutathione can be brought about by continual stress upon the immune system. As we now know, a lowered immune system can bring about illness and disease. This is a ferocious cycle. While you need glutathione for a productive immune system, a weakened immune system hampers the production of glutathione.

Increasing age and other factors reduce the body's production and utilization of glutathione

Beginning around the age of 20 your body's natural production of this powerful little protein declines about 10 to 15 percent every decade. It is well understood in the medical and scientific community that intracellular glutathione levels cannot effectively be raised by oral glutathione supplementation because it is believed to be destroyed in the digestive system; which is why MaxGXL® is such a groundbreaking discovery.

These are some of the promises of glutathione:

* Glutathione slows down the aging process

* Glutathione detoxifies and improves liver function

* Glutathione strengthens the immune system

* Glutathione works to help improve mental functions

* Increases energy

* Improves concentration

* Permits increased exercise

* Glutathione improves heart and lung function.

My wife, Sheila and I are in our sixties and both had the usual aches and pains from a life of hard work. Sheila was a Chef and restaurant owner for many years and I had a national litigation law practice, which included lot’s of travel, stress, and long hours sitting at counsel table during trials and preparation work. During this time I also developed a deeply rooted sense of skepticism about all things that sound to good to be true. When a friend told me about the promises of MaxGXL I immediately thought to myself, “sure, I’ll bet”. But, because this person was a good friend and someone who I had the utmost trust in, I tried it and within days I began to experience all of the benefits this product has to offer and I was sold.

If you or a loved one wants to experience remarkable energy levels, deep sound sleep, greater mental focus Max GXL might be your answer. Likewise, if you suffer from aches and pains with or without exercise you owe it to yourself to take a look at this incredible product and you can do just that by going to, clicking on products, then Creators and check out Dr. Keller in his own words describing Glutathione, MaxGXL and how his product works. Spend another minute and look over the home-based business opportunity that Max International offers. It will be a time well spent. If you have any questions or if you want to order a trial sample call Pat or Sheila your Nashville source for MaxGXL at 615-876-7421

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