Saturday, October 17, 2009

Robert Keller, M.D. - Medical Research Visonary

As your Nashville source for MaxGXL a Glutathione accelerator, we are happy to introduce you to Dr. Robert Keller the creator of this incredible product. Robert Keller M.D., M.S., FACP, creator of Max International’s flagship product, MaxGXL, is no ordinary doctor. Named one of the world’s 2000 Outstanding Scientists of the 21st Century, he has served on the scientific review panels for the National Institutes of Health and the VA. The Consumer’s Research Council has recognized Dr. Keller as one of America’s “Top Physicians” every year 2003 to the present. He has been elected to the Board of Governors of the American Academy of HIV Medicine, and serves on the Scientific Advisory Boards of numerous biotech and nutritional companies.

My wife, Sheila and I are in our sixties and both had the usual aches and pains from a life of hard work. Sheila was a Chef and restaurant owner for many years and I had a national litigation law practice, which included lot’s of travel, stress, and long hours sitting at counsel table during trials and preparation work. During this time I also developed a deeply rooted sense of skepticism about all things that sound to good to be true. When a friend told me about the promises of MaxGXL I immediately thought to myself, “sure, I’ll bet”. But, because this person was a good friend and someone who I had the utmost trust in, I tried it and within days I began to experience all of the benefits this product has to offer and I was sold.

If you or a loved one wants to experience remarkable energy levels, deep sound sleep, greater mental focus MaxGXL might be your answer. Likewise, if you suffer from aches and pains with or without exercise you owe it to yourself to take a look at this incredible product and you can do just that by going to, clicking on products and check out Dr. Keller in his own words describing Glutathione and how his product works. Spend another minute and look over the home-based business opportunity that Max International offers. It will be a time well spent. If you have any questions or if you want to order a trial sample call Pat or Sheila at 615-876-7421

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